a packstation on a supermarket  parking
Inside the smarcel garage
A smarcel mobile in a city scene

It is not necessarily a coincidence that we do what we do. We invented the DHL Packstation system with stationary parcel lockers more than 20 years ago. As a team, almost exactly in today's lineup and with exactly the same spirit, we are still continuing our journey.

The Packstation system was the last major innovation in parcel delivery and continues to shape the landscape today. But despite its success, we are confronted with the limits of its growth, in a world that has changed significantly since then.

When we look ourselves honestly in the eye, we feel that our mission is far from being accomplished. In view of the enormous, urgent challenges in parcel delivery, it is clear that an even more profound innovation is needed.

Our goal is to fundamentally change and improve the current form of parcel delivery.

Our team

Boris Mayer
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Christof Schares
Chief Product Officer
Christian Borger
Chief Administrative Officer
Oliver Post
Chief Information Officer
Dr. Denis Özdemir
Chief Technology Officer
Dirk Kellerbach
Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Hans-Dieter Jostarndt
Dr. Hans-Dieter Jostarndt
Chief Patent Officer